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Information about Piano Classes

Thank you for your interest in piano lessons!

Group Classes

When people think of piano lessons, they usually imagine a child and teacher sitting on the bench together at the piano working quietly through their exercises. While some children thrive in the private lesson environment, many others find the group environment more fun, exciting, and engaging.  The Simply Music Piano method is ideally suited to the group environment.  Groups may vary in size from 2-6 students.

For group lessons, I’ve found it best when students come to me with their groups already formed.  This is the perfect solution for two or more friends interested in beginning piano lessons together, siblings of similar age and ability, or a parent and a child.

However, if you don’t have a class partner in mind, simply add yourself to my waiting list, and I’ll create a group as soon as a few students are interested and a slot opens up.  For preschool piano classes, it may be possible to join a class mid-session.  To be added to my waiting list, REGISTER HERE.

Private Piano Lessons

Private lessons are available on a limited basis.  If you’re interested in private lessons for yourself or for your child, for availability, please send me an e-mail or give me a call.


Adults/SeniorsThe Simply Music Piano method is just as wonderful for adults of all ages as it is for children and teens!  My adult students love learning piano this way, and many have wished the method had existed when they were children.

May I enroll my 3/4/5/6 year old in Simply Music classes?  Simply Music is best for children ages 7 and up.  For children younger than seven, please check out my classes specifically for preschool-age children!  The preschool/kindergarten piano classes prepare students for success when ready to begin a Simply Music Piano class.  

Are your piano classes good for teens?  Yes, my approach to teaching piano is great for teens.  Teens want to play great-sounding music… right now.  The Simply Music method has students playing two-hands together from the very first lesson.  Is your teen’s interest primarily to learn to play pop music?  Composition?  Blues?  We can focus more on what they’re interested in.

Can I take a Simply Music Piano class with my child?  Yes!  I’ve had several parent/child shared lessons over the years, and they’re super fun!  

Homeschooling FamiliesI’m an approved vendor with Connecting Waters.

Do you offer in-home lessons?  Lessons are held in my Dublin studio.  However, I do offer remote lessons via FaceTime or Skype, and I may soon offer group online lessons. 

Do you accept transfer students?  Absolutely!  The Simply Music Piano method is excellent for students who have been learning piano the traditional way (recently or long ago), but now are looking for something different.  I strongly recommend any disengaged traditionally taught student give Simply Music Piano lessons a try.

Are students taught how to read music?  Yes!

My child isn’t interested in learning to read music. Are you willing to teach them to play piano without forcing this issue?  Yep!  I’m open to teaching students who have no desire to learn to read music. There are so many other aspects of musical development that we can focus on instead. And, who knows…. maybe one day they’ll change their mind. I’m flexible.

How long are classes?  Class length varies depending upon the number of students enrolled in the class.  Classes with two students are a half hour.  Classes with three students are 40 minutes, and for classes with four or more students, the class length is 50 minutes.  

How do I get onto your waiting list?  Sign up for my waiting list here…  REGISTER .

Please contact me with any questions!

The best way to reach me is via e-mail at LindaBernardi@ymail.com.

I hope to hear from you soon!


Questions or comments? Please leave a reply.

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