Music Classes for Kids

KidzRock : Ages 4-7

Looking for a fun music class to kick-start your child’s interest in music?  Begin with KidzRock!

In this innovative music class, your child will learn how to play guitar, piano, and drums, receiving hands-on experience with each instrument in every class! Instruction is simplified, making learning to play music fun and easy for little kids.

The fundamental music skills your child will learn in these lessons will set your child up for further success when they are ready to choose an instrument to specialize in.

Instruments are provided, and there’s no at-home practice required.

Plus concerts for adoring fans (Mom, Dad, the grandparents) are held several times per year!

Ready to make your little one’s Rock ‘n Roll dreams come true?  Does your child have a friend or sibling who he or she would like to take shared lessons with, just the two of them? Interested in joining a current band? Have questions?  Let me know!  Just complete and submit the form at the bottom of this page, and I’ll get back to you right away.

Jr. Rockerz : Ages 8-12

If your 8-12 year-old is interested in a similar, but more age appropriate, program, please let me know!  Just like the KidzRock program for younger kids, Jr. Rockerz classes get complete beginners up and playing music as a member of a rock band, right from day one. The program can either be a stand-alone music class for kids brand new to music or a supplemental band class for kids in private piano, guitar, bass guitar, or drum lessons. If there’s enough interest, I’ll launch the Jr. Rockerz program for this age group soon!

Interested? Contact me, and let’s discuss!