Online Piano Lessons

Shared Piano Classes – Live, Online

Group classes are a fun way to learn to play piano the Simply Music way!  Many students love and thrive in the camaraderie of the group environment.  I recommend this option for friends, classmates, siblings, cousins, or a parent and child who wish to learn together.  Classes are held via FaceTime, Google Duo, or Zoom… whichever works best for the group.

Price:  $90.00/student/month, 3x/month

Lesson length:  2 students – 30 minutes, 3 students – 40 minutes, 4+ students – 50 minutes

Private Piano Lessons – Live, Online

In private lessons, the path through the Simply Music Piano program will be tailored to the student’s individual pace and interests. Lessons are held live via FaceTime, Google, Duo, or Zoom, whichever format works best for you.

Price:  $120.00/month, 30 minute lessons, 3x/month

New Option:  $90.00/month, 20 minute lessons, 3x/month

Flipped Learning – Video Exchange Lessons

No time in your schedule for a set weekly lesson?  Need more flexibility?  This option is the ideal solution!  Instead of meeting for a live music lesson each week, in this format, we flip the learning process.  How does this work?  I will send you assignments each week via video that you can view and learn at your convenience.  You can text me or send me a video with any questions you may have about the assignment.  When you’re ready, send me a video of your piece for me to review, and I’ll provide feedback via video with suggestions for improvement and a new assignment.

Price:  $120.00/month

Homeschool Piano Lessons & Classes

Online piano lessons are the perfect solution for many homeschool students!  I’ve been a homeschooling parent for over five years now, and I have an understanding of the unique and varied needs of homeschooling families.  Any of the above options – either private or shared online lessons or a flipped learning approach – work great for homeschool families, depending on the unique learning style of your child and your educational philosophy.  Just use the form below to get in touch with me, and we can find the best solution for your family.

If you have any questions, just let me know…