Piano for Kids: Ages 4-6


Looking for a fun music class to kick-start your child’s interest in music?  Begin with Play-a-Story, the magical piano program designed for children ages 4-6!

In this innovative, story-based approach to learning piano, your child will be playing music from their very first lesson! In addition to getting his/her hands playing on the piano, your child will draw, imagine, and create stories, making music learning engaging and easy for little kids.

The fundamental music skills your child will learn in these lessons will set your child up for success when they are ready to move on to Simply Music Piano (my program for older kids and adults) or another instrument.

Covid-19 Update – All Lessons now Online

While my students ages 6 and up have transitioned amazingly well to online learning, I’ve found online piano classes were more difficult for 4-year-old students.  I’m currently considering updated options for younger students, such as offering private lessons instead of group and shortening the lesson time (to 15-20 minute instead of 30).  I will update this section when I have finalized my plan, but please feel free to contact me if interested.  I also have a page dedicated to online lessons… Online Piano Lessons.