Piano for Young Children

A young child’s first introduction to the piano should be playful, fun, and engaging!  I strongly believe in play-based learning.  Children, ages 3-6, will….

Play Beautiful Music on the Piano

Feel Successful and Have a Sense of Pride in their Musicianship

Learn Piano through Playful, Hands-On Exploration

Tap into Imagination and Creativity

PlayYourStory_Butterfly_FBBegin your child’s piano journey with my magical, creative, developmentally appropriate play-based music classes. In my piano classes for children ages 3-6, your child will have fun playing the piano.  Classes combine engaging hands-on piano-time, along with art, story-telling, movement, and games to playfully reinforce what they’re learning.

At this stage, students do not need to have a piano at home, and practice is not required between lessons.  However, students will progress more quickly and retain information better if they do have a piano in the home and choose to play around on it between classes.  Curious what to buy?  Click here to see my keyboard recommendation.

Will students be learning how to play the piano?  Yes!  Children will be playing music on the piano, learning their way around the piano keyboard (learning the musical alphabet and keys on the piano), playing using dynamics (playing musically, with emotion – highs/lows, loudly/softly, quickly/slowly), and developing rhythm (the math of music), while being exposed to different genres of music (traditional, folk, classical, blues, jazz, and pop).  Children will be excellently prepared to enter either my Simply Music Piano classes or traditional piano lessons with another teacher!

TKids  Playing Pianowo student minimum per class, so if interested, tell a friend!  New classes launch whenever there is an opening in my studio, so, if interested, please join my waiting list for the next class!

The price?  Just $90.00/month.


Questions?  Please contact me and we’ll discuss.

Again, you don’t need to wait until I form a group! If your child already has a friend or two (or more!) who would be fun to share lessons with, let me know!  You’ll find space in my studio quicker if you come to me with a pre-formed group.  But if not, please sign up for my waiting list, and I’ll partner your child up with another student or group as soon as I can.

Classes incorporate methodology from Inner Musician’s creative Play-a-Story program and the playful KiddyKeys® preschool piano program.