Piano for Young Children

A young child’s introduction to the piano should be playful, fun, and developmentally appropriate!  Children, ages 3-6, will….

Play Beautiful Music on the Piano

Learn through Playful, Hands-On Exploration

Tap into Imagination and Creativity

Create Musical Stories – On the Piano!

Play Musical Games

Develop Internal Rhythm

Combine Music with Art

PlayYourStory_Butterfly_FBBegin your child’s piano journey with this magical, creative, developmentally appropriate play-based music program. In my piano class for children ages 3-6, we combine piano and music with art, story-telling, movement, and games.

Practice is not required between lessons!!  Forced practice at an early age can kill a child’s natural curiosity and joy in music.  But playing on the piano at home is encouraged!  Keep it playful and fun.  🙂

Will students be learning how to play the piano?  Yes!  Children will be playing music on the piano, learning their way around the piano keyboard (learning the musical alphabet and keys on the piano), playing using dynamics (playing musically, with emotion – highs/lows, loudly/softly, quickly/slowly), and developing rhythm (the math of music), while being exposed to different genres of music (traditional, classical, blues, jazz, and pop).  Children will be excellently prepared to enter either my Simply Music Piano classes or traditional piano lessons with another teacher!

KiddyKeys-Stock-Photography-030.mdTwo student minimum per class, so if interested, tell a friend!  New classes launch whenever there is an opening in my studio, so, if interested, please join my waiting list for the next class!

The price?  Just $90.00/month.


Please e-mail me, LindaBernardi@ymail.com with any questions!

Classes incorporate methodology from InnerMusician’s creative Play-a-Story program and the playful KiddyKeys® preschool piano program.