I’m all about cultivating a life-long love of music and creating a musical community where learning music is engaging, rewarding, and fun.  What sparks me?  Helping my student’s develop their own inner trust in their musicianship, witnessing them becoming well-rounded, competent, confident, and self-reliant musicians, and ultimately, when the time is right, stepping aside to watch them soar free.

I believe music should be a creative outlet, an art, so in addition to learning the basics of reading and playing music (musical fluency, theory), my students also learn the creative side of making music:  how to create their own music (composition), take a song and make it their own (arranging), play along with other musicians (accompaniment), and to sit down at the instrument and just play according to their mood (improvisation).  These are the skills of a well-rounded musician.

I strongly value personal growth, learning, excellence, positivity, and creativity, and I hope to inspire these values in my students.  My goal is for students to feel challenged, but never frustrated.  I believe in the concept of “easy plus one”, or scaffolding, to make learning feel easy.  Music lessons should be an enjoyable experience! What do I consistently hear from studio parents?  “I wish piano was taught this way when I was a kid!”  My favorite feedback from a studio parent is that my program “fosters a love of music.”

340C4834-63C5-443F-8844-6ACE157BEC49All lessons and classes are taught by me, Linda Bernardi, a certified Simply Music Piano teacher, online from the comfort of your own home! Students will not be lost in a large music school, nor will your child be shuffled from one teacher to the next.  Instead, your child will receive my consistent, personal coaching and support.  It will take years to master the piano, so the student-teacher-parent relationship is extremely important. I hope to provide a nourishing lesson environment, a safe container, where we can all work together to develop the openness and trust necessary for learning to flourish.

To maximize student success, you, the parent, will be attending and participating in your child’s music lessons. Through this involvement, you’ll know exactly what your child is learning, allowing you to provide hands-on support at home between lessons to maximize your child’s success.  And, no, you absolutely don’t need to have a musical background yourself… I’ll be coaching you to be the best piano parent you can be. We’re a team!

If you have any questions, just let me know using the form below!  I’d love to hear from you!