Piano Lesson Information

Small Group Piano Classes

Group classes are a fun way to learn to play music!  Many students love and thrive in the camaraderie of the group environment.  I recommend this option for friends, classmates, siblings, cousins, or a parent and child who wish to learn together.

Classes are currently being held live online via Rock Out Loud Live, the online platform designed just for music lessons.

Price:  $90.00/student/month, 3x/month

Class Size:  2-4 students

Simply Music Class Length:  2 students – 30 minutes, 3 students – 40 minutes, 4+ students – 50 minutes

Play a Story Class Length:  30 minutes

1:1 Private Piano Lessons

In private piano lessons, the path through the Play a Story or Simply Music Piano program will be tailored to the student’s individual pace and interests.

Private lessons are currently being held live online via Rock Out Loud Live, the online platform designed just for music lessons.

Price:  $120.00/month, 30 minute lessons, 3x/month

For younger students with a shorter attention span and for Play a Story 1:1 private students, 20 minute private lessons are available at a reduced price. Please contact me for pricing.

Virtual coaching

For the ultimate in flexibility and convenience, check out my individualized, virtual piano lessons!  This is the best option for those of you who wish to learn piano in the comfort of your own home but who also prefer more time flexibility.

With virtual coaching, you are in charge of when you learn piano.  No more time conflicts with school, work, or other extracurricular activities.  No more rushing to get to your music lesson on time.  This is the perfect option for students who wish to learn piano, but who are super busy with other activities, such as sports or full-time work.

How does it work?  Each week, you’ll receive a short, personalized, private lesson via video (made just for you!).  Watch your lesson (and any other instructional videos assigned) at whatever time works best for you.  Rewatch your video(s) as often as you like, practice, and submit your assignments when you’re ready for feedback.  Send me any questions you may have.  Then each week, you’ll receive a new personalized video with answers to your questions, individualized feedback, suggestions for improvement, and new assignments for the next week, just as you would in regular, traditional lessons.

All you need is a device (tablet, laptop, or a smart phone) with video recording ability, an internet connection, and a piano or keyboard.  Same great quality music education, just online!

Price:  $90.00/month for beginning students (for students who have been learning piano for less than two years), $120.00/month for more advanced students.

Availability & Enrollment

Hours for in-person private and group lessons are Sunday through Wednesday afternoons, 3-6:00 PST.  Open slots are limited, so please contact me using the form below for current lesson availability.  If my slots are full, or if you simply need more flexibility, try my Virtual Coaching!  Same great education – just more convenient!  Begin the enrollment process by signing up for my waiting list here… https://playfulpianostudio.mymusicstaff.com .

Please contact me with any questions…