Piano for Children, Teens and Adults

You’re looking at this page because you’re interested in piano lessons for either yourself or for your child.  You already know what a cool instrument the piano is.  It’s so versatile!  Pianists can play gorgeous classical or flowy new-age pieces, exciting boogie-woogie licks, get groovy with some cool jazz, rock some modern music, impress friends with hip movie and videogame themes, or play pretty much any genre of music from around the world.  Who wouldn’t want to be able to do that??   What are your musical goals?

  • experience playing as a natural self-expression
  • play a broad repertoire of classical, blues, jazz, and contemporary music
  • sit down at any piano, anywhere, and play great-sounding music
  • improvise and compose music in your own unique style
  • accompany singers and other musicians
  • jam with friends and family
  • arrange your own versions of the music you love
  • develop a strong foundation in music reading and theory.

Let me know!  These are just some of the skills students learn in my studio.  My passion is to foster a life-long love of music and to create an environment where learning piano is engaging and fun!

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About the Simply Music Piano Method

img_0099Lessons are taught using the Simply Music Piano method, a revolutionary and engaging way to learn to play the piano.

In the same way that we all learn to speak years before we learn to read and spell, Simply Music Piano temporarily delays music reading and immerses students in the experience of immediately playing great-sounding music. We do this so successful by introducing students to an array of unique playing-based concepts that unfold directly onto the keyboard. The result of this is that students quickly, easily and naturally are playing a solid foundation of 35 to 50 beautiful pieces, and this is typically acquired over the first year or so of lessons. Thereafter, our unique approach to music reading is introduced. We love that our students become strong readers and we love our unique approach of how we teach students to read. We also love the fact that we don’t introduce reading from the very beginning – it’s the future of music education, and it’s a far more natural approach.

For more information about the Simply Music Piano method, visit the Simply Music site.

Who is this program for?

  • Children:  This is a wonderful way to introduce your children to music!  The Simply Music program is best for children ages 7 and up.  For children under age seven, check out my Playful Piano Classes for Younger Children.
  • Teens:  This is an age when students want to jump right in and begin playing great-sounding music right away.  The Simply Music method is ideal for this age group, as students learn to play two-hands together from the first lesson.
  • Adults:  Adults love the Simply Music method!  I’ve found it successful for:
    • Adults who have always dreamed of playing the piano
    • Adults who had traumatic early piano experiences
  • Seniors:  Simply Music is a wonderful method for seniors.  The method’s quick music acquisition is satisfying and rewarding.


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