Music Classes for Ages 4-6


Begin your child’s musical journey with Play a Story’s magical story telling approach to learning piano. Your little one will be drawn into the world of making music, making learning piano easy, engaging, and fun.

To learn more about Play a Story, watch this 2-minute video…

While Play a Story is a beautiful introduction to making music and playing the piano, your child will be learning so much more.

While socially interacting with other children their age, your child will be learning to listen and make emotional connections to stories. For example, how would the wind in the trees sound when played on the piano? What would a frog jumping from lily pad to lily pad sound like? How would a butterfly feel when launching on her first flight? Joyful? A bit frightened? Excited? Stories bring up emotional feelings – your child will improve their connection with their feelings and then learn to express their emotions on the piano, as well as through visual art.

While Play a Story uses stories to teach musical concepts, your child will also be creating their own stories. Students will express their stories verbally, as well as on the piano and through visual art.

Playing piano requires finger dexterity. Through Play a Story’s hands-on activities, actually playing music on the piano, your child’s manual dexterity will naturally improve over time. The activities are developmentally age-appropriate and designed to improve your child’s control over their fingers, allowing them to later move into my Simply Music piano program.

Children will become comfortable playing all over the piano keyboard. Your child will learn to recognize and name note names, to play quietly and loudly, quickly and slowly, on high notes and low ones… all pre-reading concepts. Just as we learn to speak long before we learn to read, in my piano lessons, your child will learn to play music before they are taught how to read it from the written page. Your child will truly be a musician from their very first lessons.

Lastly, you, the parent, will be actively involved in your child’s music lessons. By participating with your child during classes, you will be better able to help your child at home during the week, significantly increasing your child’s musical success. There is absolutely no need for you, the parent, to have any musical background whatsoever. You will learn right alongside your child, and I will be there to coach you on this journey. Music-making is a social activity, and it is a beautiful gift to bring into your home.

All Piano Lessons Now Online

Until further notice, all lessons are currently online.

When it is safe to do so, for those who would prefer in-person classes, I will begin to offer classes in my outdoor music studio with the appropriate socially distancing and masking protocols in place.

For those who wish to continue with lessons from the comfort of your own home, I will continue to offer lessons online. The Play a Story program works just as beautifully online as it does in person.

Still have questions? Please contact me for details!

If you can already tell this is the perfect program for your child, you can sign up for my waiting list here… . I’ll notify you when a new class opens up.

Questions? Let me know…