Music Lessons for Ages 4-6


Yes, I do offer piano lessons for children ages 4-6!  We begin with a magical story telling approach that draws little ones into the world of making music, making learning piano engaging and fun for young kids.

In this innovative approach to learning piano, your child will be playing music from their very first lessons! Your child will imagine and create stories directly on the piano, making music come to life.  Lessons will incorporate art (drawing and painting) to improve the connection between images, feelings, and music. And, yes, he or she will also be secretly working on their finger dexterity, learning notes all over the keyboard, and playing music with sensitivity and emotion.

The fundamental music skills your child will learn in these lessons will set your child up for success when they are ready to move into my Simply Music Program.  We’ll gently begin with Simply Music as soon as your child is ready.



Yes, your young child can begin to learn guitar!  However, until we can hold in-person lessons again, guitar lessons for younger kids are on hold.  Until that time, please feel free to contact me with questions using the form below.  You can also add your child to my waiting list, so he or she can be among the first to jump back in when in-person lessons are allowed again… Waiting List .

Covid-19 Update – All Piano Lessons Now Online

All lessons are now online!   For younger children, I offer a shortened private lesson… 20 minutes instead of 30.  For details, head on over to my page dedicated to online lessons… Online Piano Lessons.