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Learn Piano, the Playful Way!

I offer a modern, creativity-based approach to music education, where students learn to….

  • experience playing as a natural self-expression
  • play a broad repertoire of classical, blues, jazz, and contemporary music
  • sit down at any piano anywhere and play great-sounding music
  • improvise and compose music in their own unique style
  • accompany singers and other musicians
  • jam with friends and family
  • arrange their own versions of the music they love
  • and, yes, develop a strong foundation in music reading and theory.

img_0210Students learn quickly, playing beautiful music from their very first lesson!  My long-term mission is to foster a  lifelong love of music and create an environment where learning piano is engaging, playful, and fun.

What is your personal musical goal?  It may be one of the bullet points above or it may be all!  Contact me today, and let’s discuss!  I’m best reached by e-mail, LindaBernardi@ymail.com.

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In-person classes are offered in my Dublin studio, located near the 580/680 interchange.  Don’t live nearby?  Or simply interested in learning from the comfort of your own home? I offer live online piano classes!